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IDJDigital is a division of IDJVideos d.o.o. Beograd specialising in digital distribution, marketing, product placement & artist development. IDJDigital was founded in January 2015 aiming to be the leader of digital music revolution of the 21st century. IDJVideos started in 2011 as a video production specializing in music videos production, and quickly it has become the most popular, most watched, well organized and youngest fast-growing video production company in the Balkans. IDJVideos has become the synonym of quality and prestige in its field of work, as well as in extended media circles, general public and music / video industry. Their list of clients is well packed with A-List celebrities of the region.

The company owns fully functional Video editing and Color Grading studio as well as a high-end music recording studio, and is able to produce the following video & audio content: TV Commercials, TV Programmes / Shows, Music Videos, Short & Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Full Length Feature Films, Music Recordings, Jingles, Foley FX and more...

IDJVideos used its growth and market position to extend its business ventures into other sectors, besides video production, all closely related to music and entertainment. This includes having a Partner Program deal with YouTube/Google as well as owning, running and maintaining a Music Channel Network on YouTube. Through content licensing and related deals, IDJVideos started a Digital Distribution Service: IDJDigital, so now it can push content to a vast array of digital platforms.

With Direct contacts with Google Sales and YouTube Operations headquarters in LA. IDJVideos is also a Category 1 member of IFPI, DDEX & Merlin and since recently has direct deals with following online publishing platforms: Deezer, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, VEVO, Rdio, Beats, JB Hi-Fi, Pandora, Pulselocker, SoundCloud and many more...

A new project has also recently been developed, called IDJWorld as a platform for future global brand awareness and growth. It is a multimedia project of IDJVideos that is set to be a milestone in a new, digital era of media industry. IDJWorld brings everything under one roof, a full media experience, several platforms and services for: Artist Discovery and Development (A&R), Music & Video Production, Advertising, Publishing, Networking and more...

It's organized through several branches: IDJVideos (Video Production Company), IDJTV (First 24/7 Music Television in the region), IDJTunes (Label, Publishing & Distribution Service) & IDJApps (Web & Mobile Multimedia Apps), IDJDigital (Digital Distribution) & IDJDash (Media Management App) but it is actually all a diverse and unique one-stop shop for labels, artists and their audience of all ages.


These people take care of your music, and everything else, so you don't have to think too much. You can spend more time being creative.

Andrej Ilić

CEO, Director

Đorđe Trbović

CEO, Director

Boris Zec

Art Director

Bojan Musulin

Platform Manager

Jelena Trbović

Accounting & Royalties

Danijel Abramović

Content Manager

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