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IDJDigital has partnerships with all the following stores and DSPs. If you need a certain specialized store that is not on the list, we can probably contact them for you.


Services & Products

Here are some of the cool projects & apps we've prepared for this season. Are you ready to rumble the world of digital media with us?

IDJVideos.TV Channel

Over 1 million Subscribers! Perfect Place To Boost Your Career. Premium Feature.
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IDJTV 24/7 Streaming TV

Our Live Streaming TV Channel that features over 2000 Hours of Videos, Music & Shows.
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IDJApps on iOS & Android

Get the App Now! Use our followers to raise your influence! Be featured in IDJApps!
→ Coming Soon!

Promote Your Content

World is here to enjoy your content. We do our best to give it a push. Everywhere on the Web.
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Label / Network Manager

You can create your networks within IDJDash, and Manage, Distribute and Monetize Yourself.
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One Big IDJ Family

All this under one big roof represents IDJWorld. Be sure to check everything out!
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Music has always been at the forefront of the digital revolution, leading the way for other creative industries and defining the future of digital entertainment. Source: IFPI


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