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Listening to your consumers sometimes isn’t enough. New generation seeks a new approach. Their needs change very quickly. If you don’t constantly follow them and sense their pulse, you’ll lose them in a heartbeat. What is enough then? You need to feel them. We do. We are here to create a voice for your brand and provide your audience what they need: to offer them native video, virtual events and livestreams and introduce them with case studies.
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You need to speak the language of your audience. Considering there are various segments using their own unique voice, you need to be pretty multilingual. We already communicate with your target audiences in their own specific language which helps us create a much deeper brand connection.
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RE:COVERED project was initiated by IDJTV with a purpose of gathering some of the most popular young performers from the region. Their task was to do a cover of a popular song of their choice and the cover was followed by a studio music video. The first season of RE:COVERED was sponsored by Adidas with all the participants wearing the brand's apparel. For the second season, we partnered with Snickers who then rebranded the show using their well known chocolate/peanut pattern.


We once joined our forces with Nike as well. The reason was the campaign for the rebranding of their well known Air Force 1 model. The faces of this campaign were Dušan Bulut, one of the most famous 3x3 basketball players in the world and Olga Danilović, one of the best female tennis players in the world.


We produced some commercials and by some we mean a lot of them! Nike, Meridian Bet, Mozzart, Big Pizza, EON, Nivea, Danas, iStyle, Guarana and Yaemina by Emina Jahović make only a portion of our clients. Some of them, like Bavaria and Big Pizza, also chose to market themselves on IDJTV by sponsoring our shows.
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